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The outsourcing is aimed at the progress of fulfillments, both accounting and fiscal, relating to activities run by other financial intermediaries (ex. Italian brokers, nonresident banks, etc.) or distinctive of the financial activity such as the compliance function, anti-money laundering, relations with supervised authorities, tax record report and SARA, bookkeeping of priority information register, communication with Justice Single Fund, bookkeeping of register of complaints, and more. It addresses to all the financial intermediaries and to all the professionals who want to avail themselves of a modular and complete service during the management of the administrative procedures, getting to all the datas of their customers, as the structure was their own. As a supplement to the outsourcing, the “fiscal calculator” service offers to nonresident financial intermediaries the chance to apply the tax treatments in force in Italy to their customers, executing – when needed - all the fulfillments through their management softwares.